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 Have goals you want to reach, but need a gentle push?

Need regular, positive encouragement to stay focused and on track?  

If so, get Coach Darcy's Six Week Progress Plan now!

My Six Week Progress Plan is a bite-sized accountability program to help you get into action NOW. You set the goals, and each Friday for the next six weeks, I'll send you an email asking you a few targeted questions to keep you on track. You'll just hit REPLY--fast, easy, and completely confidential.  

Ready to give it a try?

  • Six weeks of email check-ins with Coach Darcy to help you take small steps toward your big goals
  • Easy to use: just answer each Friday's questions and get personalized responses and tools from Coach Darcy to help you along the way
  • Gain the benefits of personal coaching without a big investment of time and money
  • Simple to use--right in your inbox
  • Completely private and confidential---plus, it's a no-judgment zone. 
Get the Six Week Progress Plan for just $147


1. Sign up 

Click the button on this page, enter your name, email, and your payment info, and you're set! It's fast, easy, and completely safe.

2. Look for my first email in your inbox—and answer it!

After you sign up, look in your inbox for my email. Then just hit REPLY and tell me the goal you'd like to move closer toward during these next six weeks. It's completely confidential between you and me, so say what's really on your mind!

3. Each Friday, watch for a new email and reply to my questions

Every week for the next six weeks, I'll ask you four important questions:

  • What is your goal?
  • What have you done this week to move closer to it? 
  • What will you do this coming week to move closer to it?
  • What else do you need to help you reach that goal? 

You'll simply hit REPLY and answer me right there in email--no need to login to any wonky systems or forums. 

I'll be answering you all along the way and sharing other thoughts or ideas that will help you keep moving forward.

Get my Six Week Progress Plan for $147